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Everyday Advertisement - Compare and Contrast Essay


Everyday Advertisement


Everywhere you look you are bombarded by advertisement.  Whether you are enjoying a day of shopping or driving to work, advertisements surround you.  It seems we never get a break from this publication, we see them so much that we have grown immune to their presence.  So what to you do to grab the consumer’s attention who have seen just about everything: anything?  There are so many ways to advertise a product, many times the similarities are uncanny and the differences obvious.  Examining advertisements closely reveals that regardless of the similarities and differences in advertisements, the main purpose of an advertisement is to appeal to a certain audience.

The first advertisement I examined was from the Internet; the ad for the new film Miss Congeniality2 Armed and Fabulous, was one that I am sure no one escaped from  seeing.  The second is from a magazine called In Touch, the equivalent to the Enquirer only for teens.  The ad is promoting Camel Cigarettes, the Turkish blend.  The first thing you notice in both of the ads is the pictures and the color they each use.  Both have a main picture to grab your attention first.  For Miss Congeniality you have Sandra Bullock, the star of the film, in a yellow showgirl outfit, on one foot she is wearing a combat boot and on the other, putting on a yellow high heel.  The Camel Cigarettes advertisement has a picture of a woman with blond hair, a 1920’s style hairdo, a long silk looking dress and diamond jewelry.  As for colors, both ads use bright eye catching colors.   The Miss Congeniality ad uses a hot pink and sunshine yellow to grab your attention and the Camel ad uses a bright blue all over.  Another similarity is one that seems to be very popular in most of the ads we see today, the use of the “witty” slogan.  Something that seems subtle at first but then after you think about the phrase for a moment the slogan is supposed to have an underlining meaning or some pun.  In Miss Congeniality it can be found right in the title Armed and Fabulous.  Not quite witty, but it was the direction they was aiming for.  As for the Camel slogan, there are two, the first one is: Famously Mellow, and the other:  Pleasure to Burn.  The first phrase is more to promote the idea that they want to leave you with, of you just relaxing and enjoying your cigarette and not having a care in the world.  The second is the one that is supposed to have to pun.  In this case the slightly sexual pun, because after all what is an ad without a little sex appeal.  In both ads the phrases are very in tune with pop culture to appeal to the younger crowd. 

The differences are just as evident as the similarities.  The most noticeable difference is the usage of a famous person, obviously in the movie advertisement.  Sandra Bullock is the star of the film and the movie is a sequel as well, so in order to get people to see it you must remind them of the first one.  Hopefully this will make the consumer want to see the second one as well.  The cigarette ad uses a nameless and mysterious woman lounging around in her everyday evening gown puffing on her cigarette.  This approach makes the consumer aware that anyone smokes Camel Cigarettes.  The advertisement is trying to appeal to a broad audience.  Reminding the audience of Sandra Bullock’s role in the movie seems to target the same audience as the first Miss Congeniality movie.  Another difference you can see just by looking at the ads is the direction that each ad is aiming toward.  The movie is quite clearly a comedy so they used a wacky picture to capture the essence of the film.  Sandra Bullock with a combat boot on one foot and a high heel on the other as well as the sarcasm in the title of the movie are examples of the humor the movie studio is trying to convey to their audience.  The Camel ad is trying to move toward a more sophistication appeal.  The woman in the advertisement is sitting on stairs leaning back on one arm, holding her cigarette in the other and blowing out a puff of smoke.  Her eyes are closed and her legs are crossed and she has her head tilted up high.  Her elegant dress and her expensive diamonds help to push that image of poise as well.  These differences in the ads prove that the advertisers are attempting to appeal to a different target audience

Both advertisements try to evoke different of emotions and feelings in their viewers.  Both advertisements uses women to appeal to the audience but both advertisements appeal to different senses of the consumer, thus confirming that regardless of the similarities and differences of advertisements their main purpose is to appeal to a certain audience.