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*Just Jade*

Idea Generation: Essay #2

I picked this perticular brainstrom because I really enjoy writing it and I sort of went off on a rant.


When I read this assignment I knew it would be difficult.  A few days later I tried to think of a word to write about.  Now here I am without a specific word in mind.  I think I will write about several words now and narrow it down to one word for the essay.  Hopefully this process really will generate some ideas.

            For some reason I am thinking about the word Imitation.  When I think of imitation my brain usually links the word fake with it.  If imitation is linked to the word fake then I think of imitation as being a negative word.  Why would anyone not want something that is genuine, which is just the opposite as an imitation.  If I see another imitation Louis Vitton purse I think I am going to puke.  Would someone really want an imitation purse or is it just that they don’t want to spend the money on the real deal.  How does it make the purchaser feel knowing that it is a fake?  Are they happy when other people think that there imitation is genuine?  Also, I think back to my kindergarten days.  When someone was imitating me they were labeled a Copycat.  If you were deemed a copycat is was social suicide.  No one wanted to hang out with a copycat.   Copycats could not even be original.  Not original seems like another definition to imitation.  That saying Life Imitating Art Imitating Life, what in the world does that we.  I will have to think about that more.  I just had a thought.  I wonder if that means that when we see something on TV we go out and do it.  That is always a huge controversy.  That was another example of imitation being a negative word.

            I am trying to think of positive definitions for the word imitation.  Well one positive reason for imitation is the cost of the product.  Sam Walton makes lots on his imitation soft drinks.  People like to save money.  It is funny how I can’t remember the name of them though.  I am sure there are other positive definitions of imitation that I can expand on .

            I am not sure what to write in the opening or closing paragraphs.  Maybe I could open by discussing how even though there is always a dictionary definition people are refer the word to their experiences.  Hopefully I could tie in a closing paragraph using that thought, too.