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*Just Jade*


Personal Reflection - Dance as if No One is Watching

Beauty and the Beast
Me as Mrs. Potts my senior year

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I accomplished in the beginning of my senior year what most people weren’t going to accomplish for another 10 years and some may never accomplish.  I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I scoffed at my fellow classmates in our Senior Career Development class.  They were all full of anxieties and worries.  Not me.  I had everything planned until the very last detail.  Jade Powers was going to be a dancer.

            The middle of my senior year in High School however, I hurt my back.  I was practicing a trick, when I felt a jolt in my spine.  I immediately knew something was wrong, but because it was the middle of competition season I was reluctant to say anything.  The next morning it was difficult to get out of bed.  At school I could not sit in my seat and had to stand as much as I could.  After school I went to dance as usual to assist a younger class. I knew I could just work past my injury.  However, by the end of the class my back had gotten worse and when it was time for me to attend my dance classes, I could not.  After explaining to my teacher what had happened, I was told to take two weeks off.  During my two weeks of rest, I began fine tuning the details of my flawless future.  First I would start out by teaching.  After all, there were so many young dancers out there who could definitely use my help.  Then I would just jump straight to Los Angelos.  The two weeks then turned into a month and when I did return I was not the same.  I still had immense pain and my abilities were limited.  That month off had given me a lot of time to think and when I returned and found that I was no longer able to do certain things, I knew my flawless plan was suddenly flawed.  I knew I must question if being a dancer was the right path for me.

 My first semester in college was a whirlwind of change, and suddenly I was not   in control of my life as I once thought.  The decision was made for me.  Although I had still chosen to be a dance major by the middle of the semester I knew this was not my future.   I talked it over with my high school dance teacher, my mentor, and confirmed the next semester my major would change to undecided. 

            After many months of deep reflection I now realize that life is never predictable.  Jade Powers, dancer phenomenon, could not control everything in her life.    In high school I knew dancing would be forever, no one could change my mind.  I had to figure it out on my own and make my own wrong decisions to come to the conclusion that just maybe I was meant to do something else.

Even though I now know I will never dance professionally, I do not regret all of
the time an energy I dedicated to dance.  Through that dedication and
discipline, I learned. I am confident when I do find my purpose in life, I will
commit to it fully and wholeheartedly.